Bespoke Lamps & Cushions

The lamps shown here on the website are only a selection of past projects. With so many fabrics available to us the possibilities are endless. If you have an idea or even just a seed of one we’d love to help you bring it to life. 

Drum shades can be made in a range of different shapes oval, rectanglular, semi-circular and, if it floats your boat, even trianglar!  They are relatively quick to make and are reasonably priced, as typically they only need around a third of a metre of fabric. 

Hand sewn pleated shades are also available upon request.  

Cushions of all shapes and sizes can be made up from just £15;  contact us for more details. 

You may provide your own fabric or we can provide samples from the following designers and give advice on what works best. 

Abraham Moon

Art of the Loom

Charlotte Gaisford

Clarke and Clarke

Emily Bond

James Hare

Ian Mankin

Ian Sanderson



Sarah Hardaker

The Stripes Company

Troynorth (Trimmings)


Zoe Glencross

Customised for you

Almost all of the lamps, shades, cable lights and footstools available here can be customised but with so many beautiful fabrics, paints and coloured cables on offer we can’t list everything. If you can’t see what you like please contact us. 

As well as making our own footstools we are happy to re-cover or reupholster your favourite furniture and give it a new lease of life but we are currently unable to take on large projects such as sofas and large arm chairs. 

Finding your fabric

In the UK we are fortunate to have an abundance of fabric designers and weavers, and here in Yorkshire and neighbouring Lancashire that couldn’t be more true.  

Discovering beautiful and innovative fabric is one of the most exciting parts of what we do,   we are never happier than finding stunning fabrics that are designed and made in the UK and if they happen to be woven locally our dream has come true!

We stock very few fabrics but those from the designers we work with are generally available within a week.  If you’d like us to arrange samples to be sent to you just send an email with your requirements and your postal address. 

Click on one of the  designers website links above to discover the wonderful range of fabrics available and contact us for your personalised quote, mood board or samples. 

Creative lighting

As with the lamps and shades our cable lighting is begging to be customised. There are hundreds of different colours and textures of cable and a similar number of lampholders to pair them with.  You not only choose the colour and type of flex and fitting,  you can decide how long the cable is, what colour the plug is, where the switch goes and of course which beautiful filament bulb to pair with it. We are happy to advise you on all of this and help you to create your very own artist lighting installation.

A word on packaging....

Packaging is a bit of a dirty word in our workshop as we generally feel it is expensive and bad for the environment. There are of course many beautiful examples of eco-friendly packaging but they don’t tend to be available for large bulky items. Our search for perfect packaging will go on but for now we take the following approach. 

Where possible we re-use all packaging that comes in to our studio, this of course includes plastics but it means that we can avoid buying new single use plastic. New packaging will be fully recyclable or reusable. 

Bespoke lamps are posted snuggly wrapped in their own calico bag that we hope you’ll re-use.